Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New News

Well i know it has been a while since I blogged and i have alot of new and exciting news! for starters... I got a job!! woo hoo!! so now im doing the whole work 8 hrs a day go home and cook- clean-get everyone ready for bed act. and my daughter started school -- private christian preschool... yep i feel like we are rollin big! i finally got my new car that the hubs kept talking about! And so far the Biggest news yet--- IM PREGNANT!! yep thats right people... preggo- preggers- with child- we are more than excited! sooo that is why the blog has suffered.. (unlike anyone actually reads this- hey if ya do shoot me an e-mail! l.townsend2151@gmail.com)  Sooo new recipes... lets see.... newest yet would be--- *drum roll please* breakfast casserole!! oh em geeeeeee!! so easy so quick sooo good!

1 can of cresent rolls
1 lb cooked breakfast sausage (crumbled up)
1/2 lb shredded cheese
6 raw eggs (scrambled)

1st take the cresents and unroll the whole container into the bottom of a pan (any 9x13 or smaller will work)
then take and add salt and pepper and a little milk (my secret is using a dab of sweetened condensed milk *dab being 1 tsp roughly) then pour that and the curmbled sausage in the pan over the cresents top with cheese and pop in 350 degree oven until eggs look fluffy on top and cheese is sort of melted (feel free to add more cheese if you want) when everything is done pull it out and enjoy... i usually put a little rotel with mine better than ANY omlet!!

Enjoy and until next time readers... stay in the kitchen and stay happy!! ***FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL AND ASK ABOUT A SPECIFC RECIPE OR ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE NEXT UPDATE!! yall keep happy and healthy until next time!