Sunday, March 4, 2012

Smothered & cover with taters? well well... wait lookie here!!

OK lady's and gents. I've got once recipe for ya this week and a new project.
so this week has been full of surprises Monday i got laid off from my job. Tuesday my husband came home and told me he was going to be gone for 3 days and 2 nights for work. and 2 of the 3 days he is going to be gone my daughter is going to her daddy's so i am going to be ALL ALONE... ugh that's great... so ill be blogging pretty regularly.
 Any ways back to the recipe for this week! i am giving away one of my most favorite dishes and i actually made it tonight... smothered pork chops (in the crock pot) with mashed potatoes! Ive seen this popping up all over the net it alot of blogs!

for the pork chops
take a package of preferably boneless put them in the crock pot on low with a can of cream of chicken (enough to cover them (mine too two cans tonight)) to make them even more creamy take the empty can and fill it 1/2 with water and 1/2 with milk then put it all in the crock pot and take a package of the hidden valley ranch seasoning mix and put in over all of it an put it on for 4-6 hours or until pork chops are done. when they finish if you have instant potatoes go ahead and cook them and leave them plain (we will get back to this) but if you have regular potatoes go ahead and get them cooked and mashed when you feel like the pork chops are ready. then add in about 1/4 c. of Parmesan cheese a SMALL dash of parsley with about 4 tbsp. of garlic powder . then enjoy!! oh my goodness this is AHHH MAZING!

 mmmm hmmmm dont it look good?! :) the pork chops just fall apart!

if any questions FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL ME!

new project!
take a picture frame of any size... then take enough chicken wire (found at any local hardware store) and you will need to take a staple gun and fit the wire to the back of the frame and staple it tight and secure... next you will need clothes pins and you have a decorative/ vintage note keeper and also keeps up with necklaces and bracelets! great gifts!! :)


 As always... contact me for any pampered chef needs!! Id be more than happy to help! And remember tell family and friends i would enjoy having a small crowd!

love all yall always-- Lyndsie

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